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  • Mounting kit included
  • Installation on request
  • Made in Italy

Holders in transparent plexiglass

folded 3mm plexiglass sheet with transparent foil buttons.

Extruded polymethylmethacrylate, commonly called Plexiglass or acrylic. It is a material used in construction, in modern architecture, in boating, in lighting, but also in industry, because of its excellent aesthetic qualities, its transparency, its colorability, flatness and optical purity, its thermoformability. It is quite easy to work with machine tools (cutting, turning, drilling, milling) and laser. It can be perfectly polished with the appropriate tools. It can be glued.


Optical purity, flatness, colorability and polishability.

Excellent resistance to natural aging and bad weather / anti-yellowing

Thermoformability and bondability.

FDA food certification.

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Holders in transparent plexiglass

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