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  • Prompt delivery material
  • Mounting kit included
  • Made in Italy

Barrier posts with steel base

Barrier posts with stanchion in brushed steel, equipped with a self-braking retractable belt.

Height 100cm.

Tape length 3 meters with safety clip.

Non-skid and walkable flat base.

Belts colors available: Black, Blue, Red


SLIM BASE: very thin only 6 mm thick against the 6 cm of the conical base.

GREATER STABILITY: Barrier posts has a total weight of 8kg (easier to transport) against the 10kg of the conical one.

LARGER BASE DIAMETER: When falling the 37cm diameter guarantees greater stability even if the total weight is less than barrier post with a conical base.

THE FLAT BASE IS NON-SKID AND WALKABLE: people and especially children are safe, they can walk over the base and there is no risk of tripping.

FINISH AND QUALITY: an aesthetic and quality beauty that impresses at a glance.

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Barrier posts with steel base

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